Dance Classes for Ages 13-18 in Fairfield, CT

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At D’Valda & Sirico, anyone can learn to dance

We recognize that each teenager has their own distinct style and passion for dance. This is why we offer a wide variety of dance classes specifically designed for teens, catering to their unique needs and interests.

Our teen classes emphasize key dance elements, focusing on advanced techniques and intricate choreography, all while maintaining an engaging and dynamic environment. We select music that resonates with teens, from the latest chart-toppers to genre-specific tracks, to connect with their personal tastes and keep them motivated. This approach of blending challenging dance skills with contemporary music ensures that our teen dancers remain passionate and excited about each class.

Our Approach to Dance Classes for Teens

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Dance Lessons Should Be Fun!

We understand that for teenagers, dance is more than just a hobby; it’s a form of expression and a path to self-discovery. Our aim is for every teen dancer to absolutely LOVE their dance classes, experiencing a journey filled with advancement, creativity, and personal growth. We infuse “fun” into the fundamentals and beyond!

Our experienced team combines high-level dance instruction with a creative, teen-centric approach, offering a space for teens to deepen their dance skills and explore their artistic expression. Whether they’re beginners or aspiring professionals, our instructors are dedicated to helping them make significant strides in their dance journey, all while ensuring the experience is enjoyable, inspiring, and socially enriching.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Healthy technique is critical to lifelong enjoyment of the dance. Our first priority is teaching strong fundamentals, including safe stretching, technique, vocabulary, and choreography. We believe that thoughtful instruction is essential to dance development and safeguards students from injury.

Once the fundamentals are in place, you can design your journey. Our qualified teachers will assist you in developing your dance and exploring different styles and programs. Learn with us as we infuse elements of performance throughout the year along with year-end recitals into our well-rounded approach to fostering dance excellence.

Dance Groups for Teens

Grade III

Ages 11-13; intermediate ballet, emphasizing precision and flexibility.

Grade IV/V

Ages 13-15; advanced techniques and performance skills in ballet.

Beg Pointe

Ages 11+; starts pointe work with requisite skills and instructor approval.

Jazz I PT/SR

Ages 11+; advanced jazz dance skills for pre-teen and senior dancers.


Ages 11+; experienced dancers, emphasizing precision and performance.

Tap II

Ages 10-13; advanced tap techniques, preparing for more sophisticated performances.


Ages 11-15; mastery of tap, focusing on speed, accuracy, and stylization.

Contemp II

Ages 11-15; advanced techniques in contemporary dance, promoting expression and fluidity.

Lyrical II

Ages 12-15; focuses on lyrical dance, emphasizing emotion and storytelling through movement.

Hip Hop PT/SR

Ages 10+; advanced hip hop choreography for pre-teen and senior dancers.

Hip Hop INT/Adv

Ages 13+; intensive and advanced hip hop, for high-level performance skills.

Musical Theatre I

Ages 10-12; introduces basic acting, singing, and dancing skills for theater.

Musical Theatre II

Ages 11-15 with experience; enhances theatrical skills with complex performances.

Acro-conditioning INT

Ages 13+; enhanced acrobatic skills for physical conditioning and performance.

Afro-Jazz II

Ages 12+; advanced Afro-Jazz, focusing on complex rhythms and expressive movements.

Start Your Dance Class with Excellent ANNUAL Prices!


1 Class/Week



Our annual season is based on 36 weeks plus rehearsals.

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2 Classes/Week



Our annual season is based on 36 weeks plus rehearsals.

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3 Classes/Week



Our annual season is based on 36 weeks plus rehearsals.

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“They have a professional staff, handpicked by the directors for their skills and performance experience. The music center was a bonus for me for my daughter’s interest in playing piano and performing in concert, all coordinated thru this one inclusive studio.”

— Lorraine Fantegrossi

“You can’t sing one note or dance one step without all the teachers noticing you because everyone at studio gets noticed. I love being a part of the Competition team. It keeps me busy in a good way and the extra classes are also amazing.”

— Ashley Meyerson

“My children are learning dance and music from the best in the business but more importantly, they are learning independence, grace, courage, stamina and kindness.”

— Keri O’Conner

Starting dance is as easy as 1-2-3!

Together we explore students’ dance goals.

We match students with one of our expert instructors.

Start dancing! Parents get progress updates as we prepare for performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the qualifications and experience of the dance instructors?

Our team is comprised of passionate and qualified professionals. All teachers participate in our classroom training and background checks. Many have performance experience and/or relevant degrees and are passionate about sharing their love for the art form with the next generation.

What dance styles do you offer for teens?

We offer a diverse range of dance styles to spark the creativity and passion of our young dancers. From classical ballet to energetic jazz and modern hip-hop, there’s something for every child to explore and enjoy at D’Valda & Sirico.

What are the fees for your dance classes, and are there any discounts or packages available?

Tuition is based on the season and paid either in one annual fee or monthly installments. You can find all the prices and packages here.

How does the dance school group dancers?

We carefully group dancers based on both age and skill level. This ensures that each class provides an appropriate level of challenge and support for every student. For those interested in a more competitive track, we offer specialized classes and teams, allowing dancers to further advance in their training.

What should I wear to the dance class?

Comfort is key! We recommend dancers wear appropriate dance attire, such as leotards, tights, and ballet shoes. For other dance styles, comfortable activewear and clean, non-marking dance shoes are ideal. Detailed dress code information can be found here.