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Whether you’re looking for resources to augment your child’s lessons or to decide on whether lessons are right for your child, we want to help. Dana V Music also offers virtual music lessons. Learn with our teachers from anywhere!

Now more than ever is a great time to start playing music. Having a routine may improve daily or weekly predictability for students, which can reduce stress!

Whether you’re looking for resources to augment your child’s lessons or to decide on whether lessons are right for your child, we want to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do Online Music Lessons Work at Dana V Music?

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our virtual music lessons are as seamless as possible for parents and students. You’ll book your sessions with your preferred instructor at a time that suits your schedule.
When it comes time for your lesson, you’ll meet with your instructor virtually using Zoom or another video conferencing platform.
Our teachers will continue to tailor lessons to each students unique needs and goals.

Additional Online Lesson Info

We’ve never seen anything like this pandemic, with its stay-at-home orders and social distancing regulations. Schools and families alike scrambled in March to make the switch to online, at-home learning. We salute each one of you parents for making this transition, challenging though it was!
Summer looks pretty different, too. Many of the traditional summer activities have been canceled or rescheduled. Some of them have gone virtual, too. The result/ Parents are once again scrambling to fill schedules with meaningful activities

Tips for Virtual Lessons

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Lessons at Dana V Music Have Gone Virtual

The team here at Dana V Music has had to make some significant changes, too. All our lessons are happening online now. It was quite an effort to get this going, and we thank every parent reading this who helped make it happen.
If you’re curious about starting music lessons during this unusual time, Dana V Music is here to help. All our instructors are adept at teaching virtually. We can start you or your child today!
Online lessons have their strengths, and we’re quite thankful to be able to offer them. Bur they have limitations, too. Music is quite physical, tactile: instruments must be held in very specific ways and coaching on posture and hand position is so much better and easier in person.
Whether you’re already doing virtual lessons or you’re exploring starting them soon, we are here for you.

Experience Virtual Music Lessons at Dana V Music

Whether you’re a current student who has recent transitioned to virtual lessons or you’re looking for a way to occupy your time and develop valuable skills, Dana V Music makes learning a new instrument easy. Book your lessons when your schedule allows with your instructor of choice. Log in to our online portal at the scheduled time and take advantage of their experience and expertise.
We pride ourselves on bringing personalized music education to each and every one of our students. Just because we’re doing instruction through video now doesn’t mean that’s going to stop!
In addition to musical training catered to the personal goals of our students, our team has put together a list of enrichment ideas that parents can use to augment their child’s virtual lessons. Try out some or all of the ideas below and see what a difference it can make in your child’s musical studies.
The best part? These ideas don’t require you, the parent, to have a deep musical background.

Attend Some Concerts, Virtually

Attending concerts is a great enrichment experience for any music student. It’s also a great way to build up interest if your kids haven’t started taking lessons yet. Live concerts may be canceled right now, but that isn’t stopping musicians from making music! Arts organizations around the globe are performing virtual concerts or hosting digital recordings of past performances.
The Colorado Symphony is here to help with its Virtual Music Hour. Every weekend, symphony personnel introduce a past performance. Next, listen to the featured work. After the piece, symphony personnel are back with fun activities. The MusiCurious Instrument Interview Series adds a great educational element, too.
If you’re looking for even more culture, check out the Metropolitan Opera, which is offering a new opera rebroadcast each night, free of charge.
If your child has a favorite local or national popular artist, check the artist’s social media to see if there are any at-home performances coming up. Many artists are going live from home to help lift spirits during the pandemic.

Host a Family Recital

Do you have more than one child taking lessons? Why not host your own family recital? The lessons your child learns from perfecting a piece and then performing it in front of an audience are very significant. Recreate that experience at home by directing your kids to get a piece “performance ready.” Next, schedule a recital date. You can really drum this thing up, too: make programs, force the kids to get dressed up, and offer refreshments at your own recital reception.
Your kids will complain, we know! But in a year or two? They will look back on this event with fondness.

YouTube Tutorials Can Solve Instrument Issues

Band and orchestra instrumentalists as well as guitarists can face a seemingly endless number of instrument problems that they can’t fix themselves. In the past, you would have relied on your lesson instructor or band teacher to fix the problem. Now, it’s up to you.
Good news: YouTube is full of all sorts of high-quality tutorials for common instrument problems. Stuck tuning pegs, valve or key problems, you name it. If you can describe it, YouTube can show you the solution.

Composer Biography Project

The local library system has numerous composer and musician biographies, including those appropriate for all reading levels. Find a biography of a composer or musician your child likes and assign it as a summer project. If you’re not sure where to start, look for biographies of the three B’s: Bach, Beethoven or Brahms.
Extra credit: have your child prepare a report based on their reading so they can share what they learned with the rest of the family.

Check In With Your Child’s Teacher

The ideas above are necessarily a little general. They should work for just about any music student, regardless of age, instrument, or ability. If your child is already taking lessons, be sure to check in with their teacher for more customized ideas.
Each instructor at Dana V Music has a wealth of resources for their specific instruments. All you have to do is ask! And if you’re not yet a student here, why not start now? All you have to do to get started is reach out and contact us. We’ll handle the rest.