David Goodheim

Guitar, Ukulele

David Goodheim

About David Goodheim

David Goodheim is an American performer, composer, recording artist, and improvisor. His performances and recordings have been heard all over the world live (US and Europe), on radio, and on recordings for record labels from the US, Europe, and Australia.

David has been a musician since the age of six beginning on piano,  then playing woodwinds in school (flute, saxophone, clarinet), and finally his main instrument guitar (since 1996, theory, songwriting/composition, improvisation, classical, electric (rock, blues, experimental, ambient, jazz), and steel string (folk, american, country, fingerstyle)). David also is a young maestro playing the classical music of northern India since 2003, having studied within the preeminent Maihar Gharana on sarod with Ustad Aashish Khan and Pandit Rajeev Taranath and earlier on sitar with Ustad Roshan Jamal Bhartiya. He attended the University of Colorado (Phi Beta Kappa honors, EPO Biology ’08) and received a BFA performer/composer degree from California Institute of the Arts in 2008.

Music pedagogy has been an important part of David’s life both as a devoted lifelong student of broad musical interests, and as a teacher first offering guitar lessons to students in 2003. He has taught lessons, classes, and workshops in California and Colorado for schools, educational organizations, and as a private instructor. David fosters enjoyment of music and practice by tailoring repertoire and selection of pieces for practice for each student, or by supplementing a student’s choice of musical repertoire and style with further and deeper exploration thereof. Lessons and assignments emphasize:

  • development of good technique,
  • facilitating understanding of the fundamentals of music theory and
  • musicianship as applicable (if desired),
  • close listening and ear training to foster and support musical growth, musical improvement, and enjoyment of playing, practice, and music,
  • instilling good habits and tools for the practice of practicing music,
  • utilizing students’ strengths and tailoring lessons and take home work to address areas where improvement will benefit students on their individual path,
  • and teaching students to be good learners with their own tools, skills, and knowledge for continued growth and improvement beyond lessons.

David’s music can be heard by searching online for any of his many musical projects; timbre wolves (performer/composer, electric guitar), sheafshifter (producer/writer/arranger/performer, vocals, guitar, bass, synths), Kramies (performer/arranger, electric guitar, bass, synths), not the arrow (performer/co-writer, guitar), blackburst generator (performer/cowriter, electric guitar) Grass (performer, bass), and Nimbus (performer, bass).

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