SpringTones Choir Class

Children build develop skills as a vocalist in a group setting.

SpringTones Choir Classes at Dana V Music

Looking for more opportunities for your child to build their skills as a vocalist? Maybe they want to make it into the advanced choir at their school? Or just want to make up for lost time not singing together during the pandemic?

SpringTones is here to help!

A choir class designed to help early intermediate vocalists learn skills which will keep them singing the rest of their life, we will work on group sight reading activities, individual and group vocal technique, and performance skills.

This is a great opportunity to take everything singers are already working on in lessons and put it into practice. Directing and teaching this class is Anna Ahrens, an experienced voice teacher at Dana V Music with a Masters Degree in Choral Conducting

SpringTones begins on Wednesday February 8th and will continue for 12 weeks (not including March 30th, which is off for Spring Break)

Time: 4:00-5:15

Cost: $300 

The class concludes with a performance at a Dana V Music recital as well as extra performances TBA

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