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Advance your Clarinet playing with one-on-one personalized lessons.

Our Approach to Clarinet Lessons

Here at Dana V Music, we celebrate individuality and creative ownership of musical ability. It is our understanding that no student is quite like another. The teachers at Dana V Music believe that each student can improve with thoughtful and well-rounded instruction.

Your teacher will enthusiastically champion your individual goals in your clarinet lessons. At the same time, we know you’ll need a solid musical foundation if you want to excel in your instrument. This is the heart of our three-pronged approach.

Clarinet Lessons Should Be Fun!

Woodwind instruments produce rich, expressive, and emotionally impactful music in both solo and group settings. At Dana V Music, we teach the clarinet, which plays a critical role in bringing to life the music we know and love. 

Regardless of your specific instrument, one thing is consistent across all of our woodwind offerings: fun! Simply put, we want all of our students to LOVE their music lessons. Dana V’s experienced staff blends a high standard of music education with a creative, student-focused approach that gives students space to discover and nurture their passion for music – while having fun along the way.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

We believe strong fundamentals are key to providing a strong foundation for a musician’s growth. At Dana V Music, you’ll learn the key elements of strong brass technique including breath support, voicing, embouchure, articulation, finger technique, and posture. Understanding these necessities will help you maintain control of the tone and quality of your music.

Our lessons offer an enriching, well-rounded music education that pairs fundamentals with a strong foundation in music literacy. From sight reading and ear training to music theory and history, our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and extensive teaching résumés to foster an optimal student experience at Dana V Music.

We Care About Your Musical Interests & Goals

Every student is unique and their instruction should be, too. The talented team at Dana V Music is committed to helping each student pursue their musical interest at a pace that works for them. We’re passionate about all things music and all things success!

Do you dream of becoming the next great jazz soloist? Earning a spot in your high school band? Turning a simple intrigue into a hobby? As our teachers get to know your goals, we tailor our lessons accordingly. Both beginner and advanced students will be challenged and inspired on their musical journey at Dana V Music.

The clarinet possesses a very distinct sound within the woodwind family. Throughout the world, this instrument takes on a variety of tones depending on culture and style of performance. It is a staple of both jazz music as well as high classical repertoire.

ne plus of taking clarinet lessons is that, with proper instruction, it is possible to progress to a proficient level of performance in just a few years. Many young students enjoy the ability
to participate in instrumental groups sooner rather than later.

Mastery of the intricacies of the clarinet requires working with a dedicated expert. The woodwind instructors at Dana V Music know this complex instrument inside and out. Their desire is
pass on their vision and experience through meaningful one-on-one collaboration.

No matter what skill level you possess, you will benefit from the wealth of knowledge our Boulder area teachers have on every aspect of woodwind instruction.


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Our Teachers

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Our Clarinet Teachers

Kellan Toohey

Kellan Toohey


Clarinetist Kellan Toohey is an avid performer whose varied career includes recitals and solo appearances, chamber music, teaching, and orchestral playing. He holds a DMA from the University of Colorado and his teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Clarinet Lessons

What is the minimum age to start clarinet lessons at Dana V Music?

We generally recommend that children wait until they’re five years of age to begin clarinet lessons. At this age, children are able to stretch their fingers, breathe properly, and concentrate during lessons and practice. However, we do determine readiness on a case-by-case basis. Also, we offer group classes and activities that encourage and promote musicianship in students of every age.

Do I need any prior experience?

Students of all experience levels may take clarinet lessons at Dana V Music because we’re passionate about music and want to nurture musicians. Whether you’re new to the clarinet, wish to hone your intermediate skills, hope to ace an audition, or want to expand your professional repertoire, our teachers stand ready to help you reach your goals.

What styles of clarinet can I learn?

A member of the woodwind family, the clarinet delivers a distinct sound that’s found in classical, jazz, modern, and dozens of other musical genres. The style of clarinet music you learn to play varies based on your goals, interests, culture, and performance style. Ultimately, you decide which style to learn, and your Dana V Music instructor can teach you additional styles as your goals and interests change.

What materials will I need?

The Dana V Music clarinet teachers create customized lessons that are based on each student’s interests, goals, and needs. For this reason, your teacher will provide you with a specific list of books to purchase. Your teacher may also recommend additional materials and online resources that support your musical growth.

Is clarinet the right fit for me?

Musicians who play the clarinet do so for personal pleasure or as part of an ensemble, orchestra or band. Whatever your reasons, the clarinet may be the right fit if you want to play a portable instrument and enjoy using your fingers, lips, and breath to create beautiful sounds.

Why Come to Dana V Music for Clarinet Lessons?

We focus on quality at Dana V Music. Our highly experienced and credentialed instructors offer personalized clarinet lessons for musicians of all experience levels, and we match you with a teacher who can help you grow and learn. You can also take workshops and masterclasses at Dana V as you expand your musical abilities, passion, and knowledge. When you’re ready to express yourself through clarinet music, hone your talent at Dana V.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

A lifelong friendship between you and your clarinet is waiting to begin. There is no greater joy than expressing yourself through music. The best way to develop that expression is with the
aid of a passionate and inspiring musical mentor. If you live in or near the Boulder area, our instructors at Dana V Music are ready to come alongside you to facilitate your journey towards musical excellence.

Why not call and book your first clarinet lessons today? If you need more information, we would love to chat with you to address any questions or concerns that you may have.


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What Our Students Say

  • I knew next to nothing about the college audition process when I began looking for schools. The people at Dana V. were always receptive, supportive, and helpful in tackling each step of the admittedly arduous process. I sincerely believe I would not be studying at the program I’m in without the resources afforded to me at Dana V.

    Will Thames | Alumni Student
  • I am always inspired by the talented and vibrant community that Dana and Katie have created a space for at Dana V Music. I am lucky to have been influenced by such passionate, energetic, and accepting teachers, and even luckier that they continue to offer advice, and encouragement to their alumni.

    Zoe Benson | Alumni Student
  • My experiences at DVM, and the confidence I gained while learning to sing and use my voice are applicable every day at my job when I’m speaking with and presenting to clients.

    Whitney Meer | Alumni Student
  • DVM has forged me into the musician I am today. DVM has also been my greatest source of inspiration as a musician and I am extremely thankful for everyone in the studio. Thank you for pointing me towards the values I hold today.

    Vidushi Goyal | Alumni Student
  • I have always loved Dana V Music particularly the Bring It To Broadway series. It’s incredible that Dana is able to consistently bring in Broadway veterans to help out young artists. The masterclasses have been very beneficial to my growth as a performer. I can still watch the videos years later and gain something from the artist’s perspective.

    Tanner Sands | Alumni Student
  • Dana and Katie were two of the most influential teacher figures in my high school years. Being a young person is difficult as it is, but being a young person who wants to pursue performing arts professionally is even harder. Not only do Dana and Katie provide amazing and non-judgemental lessons, classes, and other resources at their studio, their warmth, kindness, and constant encouragement gave me the support I needed (and often struggled to find) to get into such a great collegiate theatre program. Dana and Katie are like artistic superheroes who truly go above and beyond for the sake of their students!

    Michelle Herring | Alumni Student
  • Although I am not pursuing a career in music, my time with DVM was an incredible way to learn about something I love as well as about myself. Going every week to voice lessons was always so exciting and I am so grateful for Katie and Dana for what they’ve brought to the Louisville community!

    Mason Noteboom | Alumni Student
  • Dana V allowed me to explore my interest in music and theater. All the instructors have an amazing guiding hand which encourages every student to become their own artist. With their help, I was able to transition into the college process unafraid.

    Justin Pappas | Alumni Student
  • Dana V has such a loving and supportive family of instructors and students! I really miss everyone from the studio.

    Jessie Bolger | Alumni Student
  • While I have not pursued the arts as a career, I believe that DVM and other music/theatre training throughout my high school years gave me the skills and discipline needed to be successful in the careers and hobbies that I pursue. Dana was also more than a voice teacher to me; she often served as a mentor and friend in a supportive, knowledgeable environment. I am so proud to see DVM grow from a little corner room at The Dairy to what it is today!

    Jessica Harper | Alumni Student
  • DVM was an integral part of my voice and theatre education. I was lucky enough to take voice lessons for about a year as well as participate in DVM’s production of A Little Princess. I worked with Dana herself as well as Cody Qualls, and they both gave me tools that I still use every time I sing. I was only with DVM for a short time, but in that time I experienced a huge amount of growth musically, and I am always grateful to Dana and Cody for their role in shaping the performer I am today. I still have some songs they introduced to me in my audition book too!

    Jenny McPherson | Alumni Student
  • I studied vocal music at Dana V for six years and throughout this time I grew immensely in both vocal technique and self confidence. Everyone at Dana V encouraged and supported me to push my limits and grow to my full potential. The friendships I formed and lesson I learned during my time at the studio will last a lifetime.

    Jennifer Concienne | Alumni Student
  • During my undergraduate courses, I wanted to take music theory (because it is fascinating to me, and I was always too busy in high school to take it). One of the great things about going to a small liberal arts college is the music department didn’t require me to be a music major to take music theory. I had received a scholarship that covered the cost of lessons, and was involved with the choirs. After I finished the two year sequence of music theory, I realized that due to the credits from my lessons, ensembles, and music theory, I was four classes (music history and conducting) away from a music major, and so I declared. I did not intend to be a music major, I was just heavily involved with music because I loved it. Although career-wise I am using my physics degree, continuing to be involved with music through college has kept me grounded and has been a creative outlet for me. As I prepare to go to graduate school and narrow my focus on my studies to just physics, I am actively searching for ways to still be involved with music.

    My lessons with Katie McClave and Alex Vital through high school were wonderful. I bonded with each in different ways, and I always look forward to catching up with them when I am in town. I can’t imagine what my high school experience would have been without their guidance.

    Grace Kerber | Alumni Student
  • Dana V music has been the cornerstone of every other voice class I take. I never feel as fulfilled working with any other voice coach because I loved working with the teachers at Dana V so much!

    Ellie Oliver | Alumni Student
  • I continue to be inspired by my mentors at Dana V. Music and am so thankful that Dana continuously takes time out of her schedule to check in with me to give excellent advice and be a sounding board for a young ambitious musician, even one who is no longer her student!

    Divya Maus | Alumni Student
  • Dana V. Music gave me the opportunity to explore my music on a higher level. Though the schools innovated and compassionate teaching skills I could experience the joys of music. Dana V. Music not only challenges students to think creatively but they also support growth in developing skills. The most memorable thing about the music school is the professional and warm community they provide. The values and mission of Dana V. Music still make an impression on me today.

    Diana Lee | Alumni Student
  • I started taking voice lessons with Dana when I was 14. Lessons with Dana were the highlight of my week. She started me off on a great track vocally, and inspired me to pursue a career in music. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be the musician and teacher I am today.

    Charlotte Haertling | Alumni Student
  • I started taking lessons at DVM when I was 13 and that was probably one of the best decisions I could have made for my voice. I received a vocal education about my voice specifically, while also learning how to feel good and confident about myself in a performing context. I deeply love and appreciate the Dana V. Music school.

    Asha Romeo | Alumni Student
  • Dana V Music is where I took voice lessons for ten years and every day since I feel so lucky to have worked with them. The more I learn in college, the more grateful I am that I have such a solid technique and healthy habits, which was all thanks to my wonderful teachers.

    Alei Russo | Alumni Student
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