Musical Theater Classes in Chandler, AZ

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At Classic Image Dance, anyone can be a part of musical theater

We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every student, which is why we offer a diverse range of musical theatre class styles and levels. Each class is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs and aspirations of its students.

In our musical theatre classes, we emphasize foundational skills such as vocal techniques, acting methods, and stage presence. At the same time, our teachers enrich the learning experience by incorporating contemporary elements. This includes music from popular Broadway shows, current hits from the musical theatre world, and songs from beloved films and musical icons. This blend of classic training and modern trends keeps students engaged, inspired, and excited to learn more each week, nurturing their passion for the performing arts.

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Our Approach to Musical Theater Classes

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Musical Theater Lessons Should Be Fun!

We understand that a passion for the performing arts might be what draws you to our school – but it’s the thrill of the stage that keeps you coming back for more! Our mission is to ensure every student adores their musical theatre lessons as they embark on an exciting journey of growth and self-expression. We infuse the “spectacle” in spectacular!

Our experienced staff combines a high standard of theatre education with an imaginative, student-centric approach that allows students to explore and deepen their love for theater, singing, and dance. Whether you’re stepping into the spotlight for the first time or you’re an experienced performer, our instructors are eager to guide you swiftly towards your aspirations – all while ensuring you enjoy every moment of your theatrical journey.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Healthy technique is pivotal for a lifetime of joy in musical theatre. Our foremost focus is on establishing robust fundamentals, encompassing safe vocal practices, acting techniques, stage presence, and choreography. We understand that meticulous instruction is vital for the growth of a performer and is key in preventing injuries.

With a solid foundation established, the stage is yours to craft your journey. Our skilled instructors are here to guide you in honing your theatrical talents and exploring various facets of musical theatre. Engage with us as we integrate performance elements throughout the year, including exciting year-end shows, into our comprehensive approach aimed at nurturing theatrical brilliance.

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“All the teachers at studio are one of a kind! We want to specially thank and give a big shout to Miss Allison, Miss Gina, Miss Jade, Miss Miranda, and Miss Shannon. All these amazing ladies have taught my daughter the core values that she will carry-on for the her life.”

— Maribel Torres

“CID created a safe and welcoming environment that makes my kids feel comfortable and excited to learn. My kids love attending classes at CID, and I can see how much they have grown and improved in their dance skills. I highly recommend CID to anyone looking for a great studio for their kids! ”

— Maggie Lin

“My Girls LOVE their teachers at CID. Sofie says they make ME feel special. CID is their home away from home, a studio where they feel welcomed and loved. ”

— Annamarrie Dyrholm

“We have been at CID for 4 years. We haven’t had a teacher we didn’t like. My daughter loves CID so much! She has really enjoyed Ms. Molly this season! Ms. Molly is very engaging and patient with all her students! This is an amazing studio!”

— Leah Tiritilli

Starting dance is as easy as 1-2-3!

Together we explore students’ dance goals.

We match students with one of our expert instructors.

Start dancing! Parents get progress updates as we prepare for performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the qualifications and experience of the instructors?

Our team is comprised of passionate and qualified professionals. All teachers participate in our classroom training and background checks. Many have performance experience and/or relevant degrees and are passionate about sharing their love for the art form with the next generation.

What should my child wear to class and what should we bring?

You can learn more about the attire for the classes here

When should my child start musical theater classes?

Many students start class as young as preschool age, we offer musical theater classes for ages 5 and above.

What are the benefits of musical theater for young children?

The benefits of musical theater for young children include improved coordination, social skills, and self-expression. 

How often are musical theater classes held?

We offer weekly classes. You can see our schedule here.

How can I support my child’s learning?

Support your child’s learning by practicing basic movements at home, incorporating music into playtime, and celebrating their dance and theater experiences.