Perfect Size Classes

Perfect Size Classes

We are often asked, what is your class size and your student to teacher ratio? Will my child receive personalized attention & instruction or will they just get lost in the shuffle?

Class sizes are determined by age and level of the class, while always keeping our students’ best interest at heart. Some of things we consider when determining the maximum number of students in our classes are:

  • Creating engaging & joyful classrooms where students will have the opportunity to learn & grow, both in dance and in a social-emotional capacity. Dance is about community and we aim to foster friendships and teamwork inside our classrooms.
  • We want to ensure we are able to maintain this classroom setting even when students are absent. Life happens and we know your child and other dancers may need to miss class from time to time. We do not want our class sizes too small, that we lose the sense of community when students are absent.
  • Ensuring dancers have enough space to move freely in the classroom to explore their movement is a high priority and class sizes are determined in part by the size of the classroom and the size of the children in the classes. We never want anyone to feel “crowded.”
  • Our teachers give both group and individual instruction throughout each class. We maintain class sizes that allow your child feel noticed and know that they matter each week.
  • One of the best parts of dance lessons is the end of season performance – our recital. Students get the most out of their dance education when the class is large enough to challenge memory, shapes, formations & changes in group choreography presented in our recital.

We like to think of our class sizes like Goldilocks and the Three bears.  Not too small where there are gaps that have to be filled or cancelled, not too large where kids get lost in the shuffle. They are just right with a minimum of 7 and max of 10-18 depending on the classroom size and age & level of the students.  Our class sizes keep the energy alive; create an opportunity for everyone to make a friend and the most fun and creative pieces to enjoy on stage.

Dancingly Yours,

Ms. Shannon

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