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Play Music in a Group!

While private lessons focus on the singular student, Rockin Rascals will focus on group dynamics. Students who’ve been attending private lessons will learn what it takes to work with a group of musicians to perform a cohesive piece.

Mr. Jack will teach 6 students the fundamentals of a song and performance theory, arrange the song for multiple instruments, and how to listen to fellow bandmates as they play and as they share ideas.

Each student will be assigned to one of 6 instruments: rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums, piano/keys, and voice.

Here is the information for the Rockin Rascals class:

  • Instructor: Jack
  • Days/Times: Monday through Friday, 10AM-11:30AM (FRIDAY ONLY: 10AM-12:00PM) (One Hour to Practice on Friday, One Hour to Break & Perform on Zoom for Live Stream)
  • Weeks: July 10th through July 14th and July 24th through the 27th
  • Location: Tacoma, Studio 3
  • Age Group: 10-16 Years Old
  • Quantity: 6 MAX!!!!
  • NEEDED: One Vocalist, One Pianist, One Rhythm Guitarist, One Main Guitarist, One Bassist, & One Drummer


  • Students are required to have intermediate to advanced experience in their instrument to be part of this class.
  • Students must pass a sight-reading test in their private lessons (tab and/or sheet music)

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