young student playing the piano

Missed Lessons

At Cappella Music Academy we understand that things happen; this is why we offer a convenient way to make up any missed private lessons. When a private lesson is missed, you have the opportunity to sign up for one of our convenient bonus classes taught by our highly trained teachers. These sessions are 30 minutes long and are scheduled on select Saturdays throughout the year.

If your lesson is affected by a snow/weather closure, we have several convenient Saturday makeup sessions that you are welcome to sign up for. You may sign up for a makeup session at our front desk during your next lesson.
If you need to be put on the list for one of our group makeup sessions or need information on scheduled dates and times, please reach out at 253-470-8050 or swing by our front desk. Our friendly office staff is always ready to assist you!

Please Note: There are no make-ups for scheduled holidays, as tuition is based upon a 48 week year. Most music and dance schools operate this way. We do this to keep your tuition at the same low rate every month! During the months that you have 5 lessons, we do not charge you more. During the months that you have 3 lessons, we do not charge you less.