Music Discovery Class in Cape Coral, FL

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Music Discovery Classes for Ages 4-5

Designed for children’s first exposure to making music. These special small classes are limited in size to 3 – 6 students, ages four and five years old, so parents don’t have to worry about the influences of older children.

Most parents wish to get their children involved with music as early as possible. Often younger children are not ready yet for traditional private music lessons. We designed these classes around the needs of younger students, they are visually stimulating, and full of fun activities.

Students will get to explore a world of music that involves singing, bodily movement, playing instruments, and reading music. Through playing many song-based games from around the world, our young students learn the basic concepts of tempo, dynamics, reading pitch and rhythmic notation as well as playing a variety of age appropriate instruments.

Each class starts with a review of the previous weeks practice song, has a game-based learning activity, and a new song for students to practice at home.

Upon registration you will receive a bag containing an assortment of instruments and a music stand so you can practice at home. Be sure to bring it with you each week!

If the student is doing well, they can easily move to private lessons. Likewise, if it is determined that they are not yet ready for private lessons, they can easily move back into the Music Discovery program!

As with all the instructors at Cape Coral School of Music, the class instructors are college educated musicians, and specialize in early childhood musical education. This is a true education program, not a daycare.

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We teach the whole student

Our young Discovery students get to experience a wide range of musically themed learning.  In addition to learning basic music concepts and even reading music, our students also practice songs that teach counting, pattern recognition, and language skills.  Our intimate classroom environments ensure that your student gets direct instruction with our teacher and also gets to develop their social skills with other students in their class. 

Before your student graduates from our Musical Discovery class,   you should expect to see them gain:

  • The Ability to Read Simple Music Notation
  • The Ability to Play Simple Songs on a Xylophone
  • The Ability to Sing Several Songs from Memory
  • The Ability to Recognize Several Instruments by their Appearance and their Sound
  • More-Coordinated Gross Motor Movement
  • Better Counting Skills
  • The Ability to Recognize Patterns Quickly
  • The Ability to Recognize Several Letters and Their Sounds
  • Better Attention Span
  • School Readiness
  • Readiness for Private Music Lessons
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We Offer Simple Pricing to Fit Your Schedule & Budget


30 min



59.95 registration fee (covers the cost of all take-home instruments and materials required).


“Me and my girls absolutely adore this place! They are learning so much and always come out of their lessons excited to tell me about what they learned that week. ”

— Ally LaRoza

“We love the Cape Coral School of Music. The staff is passionate, patient and encouraging. Our son has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Jennifer for almost a year now. We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I highly recommend this school.”

— Amanda Carrion

“My daughter is taking Ukulele lessons from Robert and she just loves it! He is such an excellent instructor and he is so patient and kind. I can’t believe how much she has learned in her short time there. Awesome music school!”

— Kimberly Pruett

“I am so pleased that I found a great instructor with patience enough to help this old man…he explains lesson material well and understandable. If I have a problem he takes time to explain further until I get it.”

— Craig Forster

three students two of them playing the guitar and one of them playing the flute
voice student singing into a microphone in a studio in Hattiesburg, MS

Music Lessons for All Ages & Skill Levels