Top 10 Practice Tips from our Staff

Top 10 Practice Tips from our Staff
  • Everything that you want to learn about music will come with time. It’s always about finding the excitement to want to learn new music and see it through to the end. Whether it’s learning all the scales or just chords and tablature , find and maintain that motivation to play. -Casey
  • Practice scales by improvising over songs you like and have fun with it! -Eric
  • Practice right before bedtime and you’ll more easily remember what you worked on the next day! -Mary
  • Practice with purpose! “What am I trying to achieve today” For example you should practice scales or etudes, but try to understand WHY they are important and how they are intended to improve your skills. -Jeremy
  • Start small, even if it is just five minutes and make it a daily habit. Remember, you can always take a day off, but you can’t get it back! -Amelia
  • Practice will make perfect, but practice does not always have to be perfect! In other words, enjoy the process, and most importantly, be kind to yourself! -Mary
  • Each moment spent practicing, problem solving, solidifying, is a chance to build your confidence. Never be afraid to go really slow and answer all your questions as they pop up in your mind. -Andrea
  • Start your day with stretches and warmups! When your body is relaxed and you start your day on a good note, getting to real practice always feels MUCH easier! -Matthew
  • Start small, and have fun. If there is still more work needed, my next favorite phrase is “slow down” -Ariel 10. Practice every day; even if just for a little bit! -Cole

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