Let the music bring you JOY

Let the music bring you JOY

2020 has been quite the year! So many hard things going on in our lives, and music shouldn’t be one of them!

Here at Bucktown Music, we are just finishing up our winter virtual recitals, and of course there was so much work and effort put into practicing and perfecting the performance pieces. Now what?!? Use this time to reflect, play old songs that you’ve already mastered, and just enjoy making music. Even better if you can get the whole family involved!

KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly…)

Find EASY pieces that will give you that instant gratification and a sense of accomplishment, so you can feel like you had a “win.” We all need a success right now. Choose an easy piece, play it, rock it, enjoy it, repeat it! Take out music books that you’ve already finished and brush up on your old favorites. Buy a book (or ebook) of holiday songs that are 1 level easier than what you are currently playing, so you can just play and enjoy without a ton of effort. It’s all about having fun right now!

Google “3 Chord Songs” (you’re welcome!)

You may be amazed at the number of songs that you can play if you only know a few chords on piano, guitar or ukulele. Find a few favorites and have a family jam session or singalong.

Have a Music Listening Session ​

Music listening doesn’t need to be limited to the background, it can be the main event! Have each family member choose an album (or just one song if you have impatient little ones!) and put all of your other devices away while you really listen to the music. Talk about what instruments you hear, a certain lyric or melody or harmonic change that seems interesting, or something that happened in your life. Does this song remind you of another song? Why? You can make it extra special by lighting a candle or a fire and making hot cocoa or something cozy. If you or your child learned a classical piece such as Ode to Joy, put on the symphony version and point out all the times that the theme is played in the different instrument families. Look for different arrangements or versions of familiar tunes and compare them. Try a new genre or music from a different country or in a different language, you might find a new favorite!

If you are currently motivated to take your playing to the next level, by all means do it! But if what you are needing right now is something a little more laid back, music is here for you too. Music is healing, whether you are listening or playing, and it’s a great way to share screen-free time with your family and loved ones. We wish you a safe, healthy and peaceful end to 2020 and hope you let music bring you some JOY this season.

​How are YOU sharing music? What are you currently listening to? Let us know in the comments!

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