Playful Pianists (Ages 4-6)

Our group piano class for preschoolers and kindergarteners is the perfect preparation for beginning formal private lessons at age 6. Our curriculum offers a playful and interactive approach to learning the fundamentals of music and piano playing. Students will explore:

  • Basic piano concepts on the keyboard like piano finger numbers, high and low, staccato and legato, forte and piano.
  • Simple music notation concepts and to recognize musical symbols and understand their meanings.
  • Solfege and interval recognition. 
  • The building blocks of rhythm through clapping, dancing and keyboard exploration.
  • How to use music to express their creativity.

Class description:

Saturdays at 1pm

7 week session beginning July 13

Cost: $220

Ages: 4-6

Only 6 total spots – enroll today!

Questions? Call us (773) 904-7426

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kids Play Piano at Bucktown Music