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Peter Goomroyan

About Peter Goomroyan

Peter Goomroyan, violinist, is a graduate from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree from the Jazz Studies program under the tutelage of Dave Loeb, Nathan Tanouye, Adam Schroeder and Rick Keller. He was a member of the award winning Latin and Contemporary Ensembles directed by Uli Geissendoerfer and Julian Tanaka respectively. Peter is a graduate of Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts, where he explored orchestral and jazz ensemble studies.

From the earliest age of three, before his high school and collegiate education, he was fortunate enough to be under the mentorship of his first violin teacher Mary Straub and later for jazz/improvisation studies with Patrick Clark at the Nevada School of the Arts. At this community music school, Peter had the opportunity to work with visiting artists who introduced him to the discipline and love of music along with all his teachers. His early musicianship skills and his passion for music were influenced by his upbringing from two professional musician parents; his mother being a professional violinist in the Las Vegas Philharmonic and his father being a former percussionist.

Peter is a winner of numerous competitions and has had the honor of working with commercial artists such as Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw and Evanescence. He currently works and collaborates on his own projects and teaches in Vegas Valley. He has performed in many of the local jazz venues such as The Dispensary and The Space.

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