Pete Sullivan


Pete Sullivan

About Pete Sullivan

Pete’s love of music started at a young age as he was surrounded by musicians growing up.  Always hearing his mother and Aunt singing to each other or in the car he quickly developed a sense of what music and performing was. Obtaining a guitar at a very young age and practicing little by little as it was a hobby he enjoyed.  That hobby turned into an obsession when he heard Stevie Ray Vaughn for the first time.

Stevie being from Texas and Pete’s family being stationed there at the time it seemed like a perfect match and the love of the Blues was born.  He took that love into his schooling and made it a point to play infront of as many people as possible.  Making on to the pep band at his high school that played at all the sporting events and then eventually starting a band with high school friends.  Although the band never tried to market them selves anywhere.

Doing small one man shows mostly was where he turned to next, he also starting to gain interest in how music was recorded so after a few years of playing and moving around he, in his own words, attempted to “move to the other side of the glass”.  He enrolled at the Art Institute of Las Vegas and got a degree in Audio Production which then led him to working at a recording studio in Oakland called Skyline Studios; while obtaining his master’s degree in Music Production.

He then turned that into a teaching career at a few colleges all the while still playing one man shows at different smaller venues using his favorite pedal the Boss Looper made famous by Ed Sheeran.  Though his knowledge is vast in the recording aspects of music the passion still burns brighter for music playing and teaching theory.  There is nothing like the face of a young mind who has just conquered their proverbial music demon and finally learned to play as song they have been trying to play for so long.

Pete’s favorite types of music are of course the Blues but also he is a big fan of Alternative Rock and a huge fan of Classic Rock music as well.  His favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his favorite song is “Under the Bridge”.