Christi O’donnell

Piano, Guitar, Voice

Christi O’donnell

About Christi O’donnell

Christi is a multi-instrumentalist music producer & composer. She built and founded a company called Rare Pop Records in West Seattle and worked on many projects including: scoring a feature length film and short films, producing albums, and producing music for a world wide advertisement for Google and Sony. She enjoyed working with local artists and began teaching at a rock school in Seattle before moving to LA where she was a full time music instructor at a music academy.

During her last six years of teaching in Los Angeles and Seattle, she discovered her love for finding unique ways to spark her students’ curiosity for music and develop their musicianship. After thirty-three years of studying and playing piano, she can play a variety of styles from classical to jazz, blues, hip-hop, pop, and modern EDM. Christi is also a singer-songwriter who produces her own music, so she enjoys nurturing the creative talents of her students.

What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

Jazz, classical, R&B, Soundtrack, Hip-hop, pop, folk, edm, indie, rock, world, and instrumental

Hobbies outside of music:

hiking, rock hounding, walking, trivia, board games, card games, binge watching shows, baking, programming, building websites

Favorite thing about Teaching:

Finding ways to make music fun and digestible for each student and watching them grow as musicians and people. It’s beautiful!

Why do you believe music education is important?

From a scientific standpoint, playing any instrument activates every part of your brain and improves executive functioning, local reasoning, language, communication, and math skills.

From a therapeutic standpoint, it serves as a way to express feelings when words cannot and gives an outlet for expressing creativity.

From a community standpoint, it can really bring people together; it is a universal timeless language and I truly believe it is the most magical thing I’ve had the honor to a part of in my life time.