Benefits of In-Home Piano Lessons

Benefits of In-Home Piano Lessons

No place like home: benefits of in-home piano lessons

Extracurricular activities provide children (and adults!) the chance to pursue a personal hobby and challenge oneself. While taking up a new skill or activity can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be — especially when done in the comfort of your own home.

In-home music lessons offer students of all ages a chance to learn an instrument at their own pace in a familiar setting. The piano — among one of the easiest instruments for a child to learn — is an excellent choice for musicians as young as five years old. For families who have a piano in their home already, it’s also a perfect candidate for in-home music lessons

Benefits of in-home piano lessons

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As many adults experienced while working remotely during the pandemic, there is no match for the comfort one feels in their own space. This holds true for in-home music lessons as well, as students can learn freely in a familiar environment. Absent any stress or anxiety about a new place or people, students can focus instead on what they are there to do: learn music.

For parents, in-home piano lessons remove the headache that comes with getting to a studio. No more traveling, traffic, or looking for parking — instead, you just need to answer the door! While a child is occupied with an instructor, families can use that time to do chores, prepare dinner, help other kids with homework, or simply relax while sitting in on the lesson. Multitasking abounds!

Difference between studio, online and in-home lessons

To know whether in-home lessons are right for your child, it’s important to understand their needs as well as your families’. Introverted students may enjoy the opportunity to learn in a solo setting, away from their peers. Likewise, beginners to experienced musicians often prefer the intimate, one-on-one coaching that comes from piano lessons at home.

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As with online programs, in-home piano lessons allow students to move at their own pace. The highly customizable nature of private, home-based instruction allows you to determine the ideal lesson frequency and length to best support your child’s learning style.

A worthwhile investment

Understandably, the cost of in-home piano lessons tend to be a bit higher than that of a studio — as you’re paying for an instructor’s additional time and expenses to travel to your home. For many families, however, the added expense to obtain high-quality, personalized instruction is well worth it.

When you factor in the gas and transit expenses incurred while taking students to studio lessons, there may not be a large difference in price after all. Plus, saved time is saved money! Homeschooling families often turn to in-home lessons to complement their children’s curriculum. With flexible schedules, in-home lessons allow these families to take advantage of high-demand teachers who might otherwise be booked in the typical “after school” hours.

In households with multiple children, in-home lessons can be scheduled consecutively — giving even more “bang for your buck” as the teacher can execute two or more lessons on a single trip. Siblings can also do lessons together, reaping the benefits of group learning without even leaving their home.

Frequently asked questions about in-home piano lessons

Author: Chelsea Kyle

Chelsea Kyle has been working in music school administration for almost 7 years, and has been working with Ensemble Music Schools since 2019. Chelsea manages all of the company’s in-home music schools, which currently includes 6 locations across the United States.

Chelsea earned her B.A. in Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago. During her time in Chicago, Chelsea had the opportunity to explore the vast music culture the city has to offer, as well as collaborate with other artists and musicians.

Chelsea is an active singer, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter. She enjoys performing locally, writing and recording original music, and taking lessons to further her skills. She especially loves having the opportunity to combine her music administration skills with her love of music, and working with so many talented musicians and teachers along the way!

Outside of music, Chelsea loves animals and everything about the outdoors.

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