5 Ways Music Lessons Can Enrich Your Homeschooling Routine

5 Ways Music Lessons Can Enrich Your Homeschooling Routine

In the wake of a pandemic that upended education in America, a record number of families are now turning to homeschooling. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 11% of families are now choosing to educate their children at home — more than double the pre-pandemic figure.

While families choose this schooling option for a variety of reasons, there is one thing they all share: a desire to provide their children with rich educational experiences.

Extracurriculars — or activities outside of the normal academic curriculum — do just that, providing students with opportunities to learn new skills, be active, and explore the world around them. From sports leagues and robotics clubs, to nature camps and art classes, these opportunities to be creative and meet new friends are essential to homeschoolers’ success.

Benefits of In-Home Music Lessons

Another common outlet for students learning at home is music. Several of our Ensemble Music Schools offer in-home music lessons — a perfect solution for homeschooling parents looking to provide their child the joy (and fun!) of learning an instrument. Here are five reasons to add music lessons to your homeschooling routine:

1. Builds confidence

Music is a natural mood booster, but it also can help children develop self-esteem. Through at-home lessons, students can learn and practice in a familiar space, and then put their new skills on display for a special audience: their own family! Even though this audience will surely give rave reviews, studies have shown that students reap the creative benefits of learning an instrument even if they are not highly proficient in it.

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2. Teaches a new skill

Just like traditional learning models, homeschooling aims to enrich students’ learning by exposing them to new information. Adding music lessons to this repertoire gives children a chance to learn something new while complementing the skills they’re learning in their academic studies, such as reading comprehension.

Our experienced teachers anchor all music lessons in the principles of music theory, ensuring students not only learn the mechanics of a new instrument but also the language of music itself.

3. Engages the whole family

Music quickly becomes a family affair when it happens in the comfort of your own home! At-home music lessons often pique the interest of siblings who might otherwise not have had a front row seat to their brother or sister’s lesson. It’s a great way to engage younger siblings at an early age and develop a family connection through music.

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4. Takes place in the convenience of your own home

Busy parents know how hard it can be to juggle a family schedule. Homeschoolers may also participate in local clubs and community activities outside the home, often making it challenging to add ‘one more thing’ to their plate. With at-home lessons, parents can rest easy knowing music classes can be incorporated into their homeschooler’s daytime routine, right in the comfort of their own home. We come to you!

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5. Moves at the student’s pace

Many parents are drawn to homeschooling because of the flexibility it affords in individualizing their child’s learning. At-home music lessons offer the same benefit — allowing students to move at their own pace, toward their own unique goals. Our instructors customize each lesson to meet students where they are, ensuring that they feel both fulfilled and challenged along their musical journey.

Music lessons offer homeschoolers an enriching experience that is both fun and builds upon what they are learning in their academic studies. Better yet, at-home lessons offer maximum flexibility to any family’s schedule — all you have to do is be ready to learn!

Author: Megan Walcek

Megan brings nearly a decade of nonprofit and for-profit marketing and communications experience to her role of Staff Writer at Ensemble Music Schools. She has dedicated her professional career — first at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and presently at GreatSchools.org — to advancing children’s health and education. Megan graduated with honors from Harvard University with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology and Global Health & Health Policy and currently resides in New York.

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