Luisa Rodriguez

Student Success Manager

Luisa Rodriguez

About Luisa Rodriguez

In addition to serving as our AYDM Student Success Manager, Luisa Marie Rodriguez is a performer, a teacher, a conductor, and a very passionate vocal pedagogue.

Always interested in growing and refining her teaching skills, Luisa has attended the Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at New England Conservatory, Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Summer Institute at Shenandoah University, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Summer Workshop, all after graduating with her Master’s degree from CU-Boulder in 2014. Luisa is an accomplished teacher and performer who spends her afternoons and evenings working with voice students of all ages.

In her role as Student Success Manager, Luisa is excited to connect prospective students with instructors they will love. She works to assess student-teacher fit and will guide you in finding a teacher who is uniquely suited to help you achieve your musical goals! You can find her in our office each morning via phone or email from 10 am-3 pm EST. Luisa is also available to help with any scheduling or billing questions you may have. You can reach her at or by calling (781) 534-3259.

Fun fact: Luisa teaches voice at our sister school, Dana V. Music, in Louisville, CO, and loves to teach a variety of singing styles. As a teacher herself, Luisa intimately understands the whole teacher/student/parent cycle and would love to help you with any lesson related needs or questions.