Emil Mammadov


Emil Mammadov

About Emil Mammadov

Originally from Azerbaijan, Emil Mammadov began studying piano at age 2.5 and acquired extensive experience with both classical and jazz piano through study at the Baku Music Academy, where he earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in music. 

After moving to Boston for the first time in 2012, Emil studied for several years at Berklee College of Music, where he received his Artist Diploma in 2020. 

Emil is a highly-qualified teacher both in classical and jazz piano with in-depth knowledge of various classical styles, jazz standards, music theory, and improvisation. He loves working with students of all ages and levels (beginner through advanced), and has 10+ years of experience teaching in Azerbaijan and in the US. 

A hard-working and diligent musician with good communication skills, Emil focuses on inspiring and guiding his students on their educational journey, helping them achieve their musical goals and take their playing to the next level. 

Listen to Emil perform with the Emil Mammadov Quartet perform Fantasy of Vagif Mustafazade (Live at Jazz en Baie Granville).

You can read more about Emil at his personal website: https://www.emilafrasiyab.com/