Christian Brown

Piano, Voice, Composition/Songwriting, Production

Christian Brown

About Christian Brown

Singer/Songwriter and Producer Christian Brown has been singing and making music for over a decade. Christian left Massachusetts as a teenager to pursue music as a career while attaining an Associate’s degree in Vocal Performance from Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles.

He also completed the Independent Artist Program where he began learning music production, audio engineering, songwriting, and music business. After performing in Hollywood for a couple years Christian decided to come back to Massachusetts and complete a Bachelor’s degree in Composition For New Media at Umass Lowell. During his final year at Umass Lowell, he produced, recorded, and released his debut album “Leman.”

Christian specializes in Pop, Rock, Alternative, R&B, Classical, and other styles both vocally and compositionally. He also has extensive experience singing using vocal fry to produce powerful Rock vocals while using healthy technique. Piano is his main tool for production, composition, and application of music theory and creates original music in Logic Pro X.

Christian believes that a strong foundation of music theory and treating music as a language is very beneficial for students starting out to ensure success further down in their musical journeys and combines a mixture of traditional exercises with vocal exploration.

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