Chelsea Kyle

General Manager

Chelsea Kyle

About Chelsea Kyle

Chelsea Kyle, a native of a small farm town in Illinois called Stillman Valley, holds a B.A. in Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago. During her time studying in Chicago, she had the opportunity to explore the vast music culture the city has to offer, and enjoyed collaborating with other musicians and artists around the city.

Chelsea’s interest in music began when she was given an electric guitar at age 11. Since then, she has expanded her experience as a pianist, guitarist, and vocalist by joining various bands, recording her original music, performing, and taking music lessons. Over 5+ years working in music schools, Chelsea has enjoyed combining her business and management skills with her love of music, and getting to work with many amazing musicians and teachers along the way!

Chelsea enjoys spending her free time hiking, camping, and exploring nature, playing and writing music, attending concerts and local shows, and watching her favorite tv show, The Office.

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